Fire that killed 10 people started in the kitchen

Fire that killed 10 people started in the kitchen

The have publish an article on the fire that killed ten people including two infants, started in a kitchen. They have stated that this information is included in an as-yet unpublished incident report from Dublin Fire Brigade. It states that the fire started in the kitchen of one unit where five children were asleep. It quickly spread to a second unit before emergency services arrived.

Those killed were: Willie Lynch, 25, his partner Tara Gilbert, 27, their two children Jodie, 9 and Kelsey, 4, Willie’s brother Jimmy Lynch, 39, Sylvia Connors, Thomas Connors and their three children Jim, Christy, and Mary (who was only six-months- old).

In total 3 water tenders, 3 ambulances, a helicopter and a rescue engine were sent to the scene. When it became clear how serious the incident was, the numbers in attendance were scaled up and paramedic firefighters drawn in from across Dublin to assist.

The report also includes details about children being carried away from the site with injuries. The report also indicates that there had been speculation that fire services experienced difficulties accessing water points at the scene. The report raises no concern about water supply at the time.

Fire kills 10 people started in the kitchen
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The Journal have mentioned that it is understood the report will now be passed onto to Gardaí to assist with their investigation, and then be used as part of the coroner’s inquest.

If we can learn anything from fire in the home, is that we need to have working smoke detectors in every room in the home. We should also have a fire-blanket and extinguishers to hand in case of the out break of fire. These can be purchased from your local hardware.

Families should practice drills on a regular and should know their escape routes like the back of their hand.

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