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Fire Safety Training: Is it a legal requirement?

Many companies we speak to on a regular basis, say that they will never use or permit their staff to use a fire extinguisher in the event of a fire. The usual rational behind this is, that their response to a fire will be to get out and stay out. While this makes sense when a fire is out of control, we have to remember that all fires start off small and develop into bigger fires, if we can catch a fire in the early stages of development there is no reason why we should not tackle the fire, if it is safe to do so. That is where fire safety training comes in, if staff are trained to understand fire safety, which includes the selection and safe use of fire extinguishers we can extinguish a fire well before it develops out of control. Tackling a fire at this stage can save property and lives.

The “Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005” and the “Fire Services Act, 1981” both put an onus on the Employer and occupiers of a buildings to provide fire fighting equipment and have documented emergency evacuation procedures. They must also provide fire safety training which must include the selection and use of fire extinguishers, selected members of staff must also be trained in the use of this equipment. In addition to the law there are many codes of practice such as the “Code of Practice for Safety in Nursing Homes and the “Code of Practice for Fire Safety in Hotels and Guest Accommodation” that specify exactly what training must be provided, this training must include the following:-

  • Emergency Procedures
  • Location of fire extinguishers
  • Layout of the building, including exits and assembly points
  • How to contain a fire
  • Use of fire doors
  • Selection and use of fire extinguisher
  • Safe evacuation of staff/patients/guests/pupils, etc

Guardian Safety provide a wide range of fire safety training courses that will suit your needs. All of our courses are designed specifically for our clients and are based on your staff needs, your building layout, the  occupants within and the equipments on site. If you would like to discuss your training needs please don not hesitate to talk to us. Remembers it costs nothing to talk.


Our list of courses include:-

  • Basic Fire Safety Training
  • Fire Warden Training
  • Fire Manager Training
  • Fire Warden instructor Training
  • Fire Risk Assessment Training Approved by the British Safety Council