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Fire Extinguisher Hire

Fire Extinguisher Hire

Fire Extinguisher hire is a new service provided by Guardian Safety. We now offer clients the opportunity to hire fire extinguishers rather than having to go to the expense of outright purchase. Our clients understand that managing fire safety is a legal and moral obligation that cannot be neglected. Unfortunately, in today’s competitive markets it is difficult for some companies to find the cash to run their business, this includes the purchase fire extinguishers and then the upkeep to meet legal standards. Servicing can be costly as fire extinguishers must be discharge tested every 3-5 years and pressure tested every 10 years (CO2). In fact new standards require that foam and powder extinguisher are replaced after 10 years. The cost for a medium sized business can run into €1000’s every year.

Our new fire extinguisher hire scheme aims to cut down the cost, by renting the fire extinguishers to the client. We take on the responsibility to ensure that the fire extinguisher are always kept up to date, are serviced and discharged tested. We constantly replace the fire extinguishers to eliminate the need to pressure test CO2 extinguishers or to replace your other extinguishers after 10 years.

fire extinguisher hireHow its works:

As part of the fire extinguisher rental plan we install brand new extinguishers in your premises. On the first install we will supply the fittings and signage, which you will keep. You will pay a little bit more than a standard service charge for the first install. Each year after that you will pay a rental fee which covers the full service cost with no additional charge for service, discharge, refilling or pressure testing. Your rental charge is based on how long you want to rent with a 3-10 years lease available. At the end of your rental period you can extend the rental, buy the extinguishers at a significantly reduced cost or simply give the fire extinguishers back to us.

We will also cover out of service call outs, normal were and tare and will proved a free training session in the use of fire extinguishers.

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