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Fire Extinguisher Rental

Fire Extinguisher Rental is a great way to keep your costs down when it comes to managing

your fire extinguishers. It can be expensive to buy your fire extinguishers for the first time and the service costs can also go up and down when it is time for your annual service, discharge testing and pressure testing.
As an alternative to buying you could opt for a service agreement which includes the rental of extinguishers and the cost of all servicing, discharge testing and refilling. inquiry_icon01
You can choose a contract term to suit you, from 1- 5 years.

Guardian Safety’s fire extinguisher rental hire scheme provides a cost effective alternative to the outright purchase of fire extinguishers for your site.  The rental agreement includes free refills and replacement extinguishers as a result of being used on a fire or through normal wear and tear.

Included in the Guardian Safety Fire Extinguisher Rental Agreement:

  • Annual Routine Service Inspections (in accordance with IS291:2015)9LtBudgetFoamFront
  • Engineer call out charges (except when extinguisher has been damaged by users or call out is due to malicious use of fire extinguisher)
  • 48 hour response to all emergency call outs
  • Free replacement spare parts as a result of normal wear and tear
  • Free refills as a result of the extinguisher being used on a fire
  • Free replacement extinguishers as a result of normal wear and tear
  • Free environmental disposal charges
  • Free discharge testing and refilling
  • When it is time for pressure testing we will replace the extinguisher with a new one at no extra charge.


Certificate of Conformity

A certificate of conformity and service record will be issued immediately upon completion of service / installation.
Why Choose a Guardian Safety’ Fire Extinguisher Rental Hire Agreement

  • Lower costs over the duration of the contract
  • Smaller outlay at the beginning of the contract
  • You know exactly what you pay each year
  • You can increase or reduce the number of extinguishers without penalty
  • Nationwide Service
  • Professional, courteous and non-disruptive service, we will always call ahead of time.
  • Very competitive prices
  • Fast response
  • Highly-trained experienced engineers who are passionate about their work.