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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance:-

Fire extinguisher Maintenance is a legal requirement in Ireland under the “Fire Service Act 1981/2003″ and the “Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005″. The standard to meet for fire extinguisher Maintenance is set down in Irish Standard “I.S. 291″.

 What the Law/Standard Requires:-   

  • 100% of extinguishers must be visually inspected and weighed at least annually.
  • 20% of Foam/Water Extinguishers must be discharged tested, refilled and inspected annually.
  • 30% of CO2/Powder Extinguishers must be discharged tested, refilled and inspected annually.
  • CO2 Extinguishers must be pressure tested after 10 years and then every 5 years after that.
  • Staff must be trained in the use of fire extinguishers and emergency procedures.

Why do you need Fire Extinguishers?

It is fair to say that nearly all fires start off small. If we can get to a fire in the early stages of development we can usually extinguish a fire safely. A fire extinguisher is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, in the early stages of development. Fire extinguishers are not intended for use on an out-of-control fire, which could potentially endanger the user. The law states that all companies must have emergency first aid firefighting equipment in place, these should be in the form of fire extinguishers. It also state that they fire extinguisher must be serviced and maintained.

Guardian Safety specialise in fire extinguisher Maintinance and will service your fire extinguishers to meet these standards.

All Fire Extinguishers will receive a full and thorough examination each year and the following work will be carried out as part of the standard service.

  • 30% of Foam  extinguishers will be discharged, examined and refilled,
  • As proof of discharge a ring/tag will be placed over the head of foam/water/powder extinguishers.
  • 20% of CO2 extinguishers will be discharged, examined and refilled.
  • Broken parts will be replaced.
  • The safety seal will be replaced with a different colour seal which will be dated.
  • All extinguishers will be weighed.
  • Fire blankets will be inspected as part of the service, at no extra charge.
  • Rather than pressure testing CO2 extinguishers we will replace them with almost new or new CO2 extinguishers, at no extra charge to you).


You will receive a Certificate of Conformity to IS: 291. This should be displayed in a place of work for insurance and inspection by fire officer.

An inspection record indicating all work carried out this should be kept on file for inspection by the fire officer.

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Here is an example of the certificate you will receive. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details. Ph. 01 4240313


Your business and opinion is extremely important to us. If you are not happy with the fire extinguisher Maintenance provided by Guardian Safety, we will rectify any issues immediately, once they are within our control. If our engineers fail to do their job properly, upon inspection of his work by our senior engineer. we will rectify his work and offer you a full refund and still provide you with certification once everything has been rectified.

Contact Us:

We will arrange to undertake the necessary inspections whenever they are due and advise you of any action necessary to keep your equipment in good working order. We can service all types of fire extinguishers all at fixed prices with no hidden extras. To get prices and arrange fire extinguisher Maintenance simply contact us or call our friendly team at 01 424 3013.